Below is a reminder from Higher information Group (HIG) with details on how to place a service call.

As a part of our service agreement with HIG, if a printer is experiencing issues (articulated below) and has a placard on it, staff should call the phone number listed on the placard and provide the ID # from the placard to HIG.

Help box: printer/copier install on District computers; print job delivery issues from a District computer to a printer/copier; printer/copier doesn't recognize ID badge scan or staff number input; printer/copier doesn't complete a sent print job; any scan that doesn't deliver to an email address

Higher Information Group: any error or code that displays on the screen of a printer/copier that cannot be cleared; any toner/ink issues; any paper jams that are not resolved by following on-screen directions; printer or copier image quality issues; any sounds, smells, or actions that don't seem right while using the printer/copier; issues with saving scans to an external drive

When placing a service call, please have the following copier information ready along with your company details to streamline your request: Organization Name, Model Number, Error Code, Username (First & Last Name), ID Tag Number, Detailed Description

  • OFFICE HOURS: Monday thru Friday, 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

  • REQUEST SERVICE: Call 717.652.3310 and Select Option # 2 OR

  • ORDER SUPPLIES: Call 717.652.3310 and Select Option # 3 OR